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Rose Montalvo

Founder + Artist

Hey there! I’m Rose, the founder of Rose Marie Design! I love long runs outside in my beautiful hometown (#512loyalty) and I will never say no to tacos or gelato!

Uncreative has never been my thing! I received my B.S. in Textiles and Apparel: Visual Merchandising where I learned about the art and practical science of building a successful brand identity, creating cohesive fashion collections, and merchandising in the storefront to delight customers and increase sales. My artist heart loved learning about design in fashion so much that I decided to specialize in graphic design and pursue my love for art full time.

I'm here for you to create an enduring design that embodies the heart of your business tactfully and creatively! My process has been carefully crafted so that you have a smooth experience with a stellar end result to match.

How it Works


First, I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete that gets into the heart and personality of your brand.

Opening Call

Next, we’ll schedule a call to go through your answers and formally introduce ourselves.


I work on the strategy of your brand behind the scenes and send you a one-page creative brief and moodboard for you to approve before any actual design work begins.

Sketch + Refine

After the creative brief and moodboard are approved, I get to work on bringing your brand identity to life!


We'll get together again over the phone to present your new brand identity to you and walk you through the design rationale. 

Marketing Items

To finish up our project, I'll design your top marketing items. I'll be here for you moving forward with other additional marketing needs!

Ready to start planning your brand, like...right now?

These thoughtful and creative questions will help you get to know your business even more deeply and consider where you'd like to see it go!


timelines and start dates

The timelines listed on my branding packages are estimates. Definite timelines will depend on the specifics of our final project, additional branding items, if the holidays fall during our project timeline, etc. When we can start depends on my current availability, please reach out to me for details!

Client responsibilities

Because my design process is collaborative, timely feedback is key. I promise to honor your time and the schedule that we make, and I ask my clients to do the same. Delays in client responses may result in our project being pushed back in my schedule.


Some Common Questions

how do i know if we're the right fit?

That's a great question! To choose a designer that's right for you, I recommend taking a look through their portfolio page and Instagram feed if available to get a feel for their aesthetic and values. Additionally, every designer has a unique design process. For example, my process is unique in that I offer my clients one logo design solution.

Do you assist with printing?

Yes! I can refer you to some printers that I've used online and trust and I can also refer you to my favorite local printers if you live in the Austin area.

How does payment work?

The first 50% ensures a project start date, and then the last 50% is due after all the final files are sent.

How many free revisions do I get?

I include 3 revisions free of charge.

Why not just a logo?

The reason why I don't just create logos for my clients is because a brand identity is so much more than a logo! A strong visual brand is made up of strategic use of color, patterns, typography, social media imagery, and marketing items that all work together to create a cohesive visual language that reinforces the brand. Strong visual brands bring consistency, recognition, and inspire your audience to trust in your business! A logo without visual context or a brand story to rest in is incomplete and not likely to be worth the investment.

Should I invest in professional photography for my brand?

For sure yes! Shoot me an e-mail and I would be happy to refer you to some very talented photographers in the Austin area.