The One Logo Solution

Yep that's right, I'm ditching the industry standard of 3 logo solutions. There, I said it! Instead, I present one logo solution to my clients. I'm sure you've got questions. How does this work? Do the designs actually get approved on the first proof? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, they often do!


my approach

Before I start any actual design work, I get to know all the nitty gritty details about my client's business and her particular vision. I send over a questionnaire where I get to learn about her mission, competitors, personal style, where she sees her business going in the future, the ideal audience that she'd like to attract, and the personality of her business! Next, I send over a moodboard for her to provide more feedback on. This helps me get an even better understanding of her brand, and it also helps ensure that we're on the same page. After the moodboard is approved, I get to work on the strategy of the brand behind the scenes and then present a proof of the new brand identity to her!  

When the research is done well (ie. I've been a good listener and understood her!), it shows in the end product. To sum up, I'm excited to offer a specific solution to clients because of the awesome foundation of feedback they've provided me with to build upon!


design feedback

We are a team that shares a common goal, which is to create a beautiful brand that's true to you and attracts your ideal customer! My process is very fluid and I'm very comfortable with feedback. For example, if I've made a decision that feels "off" for your brand, we can always refine and adjust. I consider my projects to be successful when my clients are excited to show off their brand just as much as I am!


why it works

As human beings, we tend to feel overwhelmed by multiple options. I like to select the strongest design concept because I understand what makes a logo successful as well as what will appeal to the audience we're wanting to reach. Another benefit to the one concept approach is that clients don't have to spend time making tedious decisions between multiple proofs, like which font will best resonate with their audience and result in the most sales (I know you have better things to do, like running your business!!). 

After passing through the inspection of my scrutinizing eyes, clients can rest knowing that their designs have been tested, refined and refined again, and that every detail serves a purpose according to their unique vision. Although this method is different, I think it's so much more efficient and beneficial for everyone involved than the old way of doing things!

I love that this approach offers clients a smoother experience and allows me to spend more time on client feedback (the part of the process that matters the most!). What do you think designers? What do you think clients? I'd love to hear your thoughts!